Award in Employment Law (6N4322)

QQI Minor Award Level 6 - Further Education & Training

The course provides an overview of the component parts of Employment Law and an appreciation of how the Employment Law principles work in practice. It also provides an in-depth understanding of the statutory frameworks which regulate the employer/employee relationship.

It addresses relevant Irish & EU employment legislation and case law.

Course Duration

  • 12 weeks duration per course
  • One evening per week

Course Objectives

  • To facilitate and enable learners to:
  • - Understand the sources of and rationale behind current Irish employment law

    - Demonstrate an understanding of the influence of current EU employment law on Irish employment law

    - Demonstrate an understanding of current legislation and practices as it relates to individual employment rights

    - Distinguish between different contracts of employment for a range of employees

    - Be familiar with current Data Protection and Freedom of Information legislation and its practical application in the workplace

    - Understand current equality and diversity legislation and its application in the workplace

    - Be familiar with the role and function of the various labour relations institutions and the courts

     - Understand the principles of collective bargaining

    - Understand the principles and practices of grievance and disciplinary policies and relevant case law

    - Be familiar with current health and safety legislation as it applies within the employer/employee framework

    - Understand the role and function of trade unions and collective employment Law

    - Review case and statute law as it applies to employment legislation

Course Subjects

    1.     General Principles of Employment Law

    2.     Unfair Dismissal

    3.     Institutions Associated with Regulating the Employment Relationship

    4.     Discipline

    5.     Contract of Employment

    6.     Equality and Diversity

    7.     Health and Safety

     8.    Redundancy

    9.     Data Protection

    10.   Collective Employment Law

    11.   Business Ethics


All assessments are carried out in accordance with QQI regulations.

      Assignments (2): 60%
      Examination:       40%



A QQI Certificate of Achievement will be issued following validation of results by QQI and the appropriate credit under the National Framework of Qualifications will be awarded to the candidate. 

National Framework of Qualifications: 6N4322,  Level 6 component award (15 credits)

See  for further details.


  • "Very enjoyable course. Good interaction in the group" (Dec 2015)
  • "Jacinta (Doyle) is a very engaging presenter and made the overall course very enjoyable and interesting" (Dec 2015)
  • "Very enjoyable" (Dec 2015)
  • "Thank you Jacinta, your Employment Law lectures have become constant reference and valuable source of information in my working day". (Dec 2014)
  • "Really enjoyed the course. Broadened my horizons!" (May 2016)