Refresher Occupational First Aid

All certified First Aiders must complete a 2 day refresher course every two years. This is in keeping with health and safety legislation and in order to ensure their knowledge and skills are up to date and their certification is current.


Programme Requirements

Participants must produce evidence that their certification is within date.

Workshop Content


·       Accident  and injury assessment

·       Accident scene management

·       Spread of Infection, Rules of Bandaging

·       Circulation of Blood, Control of Bleeding

·       Respiratory System, Asphyxia, ABC Drill, CPR

·       Heart Attacks, CPR, Abdominal Thrusts

·       AED Training (Defibrillator)

·       Strokes

·       Unconsciousness, Concussion, Compression, Head, Eye and Facial Injuries

·       Recovery Position

·       Examination of Unconscious Casualty

·       Fractures and Soft Tissue Injuries, Bandaging

·       Burns, Scalds, Poisons and Electric Shock

·       Diabetes, Epilepsy, Asthma

    Course Duration

      One day



    On successful completion of the course participants receive a Refresher Occupational First Aid certificate. This is valid for two years.