CIPD Coaching, Mentoring & Consulting

Harness the power that already exists within your workforce.

Visionary business leaders have understood the truly transformational impact of developing coaching principles and behaviours within the organisation. Coaching and Mentoring is now understood by employers to be an invaluable development tool and performance management technique. The flexibility and, when delivered correctly, relatively low cost of these techniques makes them a particularly appropriate learning intervention for challenging or uncertain economic times. However, there is still a lack of understanding about how best to use coaching and mentoring and in which specific situations such arrangements will be most effective… …

Coaching and Mentoring can deliver a range of benefits including:

  • Enhanced Individual Performance
  • Improved Communication,
  • Higher Productivity,
  • Improved Engagement,
  • Greater Clarity of Goals,
  • Talent Development
  • Successful Equality and Diversity Initiatives

Ask any successful business person and they will almost certainly admit to having benefited from the advice of a mentor, at some point along the way.

Coaching and Mentoring, when properly implemented, help employees accept and adapt to today’s constant changes in a manner consistent with their personal and professional values and goals.

Consulting skills are about bringing value to the business, whether as a manger or external consultant. It is about effecting change and strengthening the business. Consulting is about helping a client obtain and use information and advice which leads to real and lasting solutions to problems.

This qualification will help you enhance your people management and organisation improvement skills and will provide a greater opportunity for the organisation to reap enhanced rewards from the investment already made in its most valuable resource, its employees


Course Duration 

18 weeks, January - May

One evening per week (6.15 - 10pm)


Course Content 

1.    Implementing Coaching and Mentoring

The purpose of this unit is to:

o   Develop the learners’ understanding of both coaching and mentoring and of the potential value of both practices within organisations. 

o   Differentiate between the concepts of coaching and mentoring. 

o   Provide opportunities for the learners to enhance their coaching and mentoring skills.

o   Understand the benefits for different stakeholders including the coach/coachee and mentor/mentee. 

o   Explore different models of implementing coaching and mentoring in organisations.

o   Understand the role of the line manager in both the practices and the factors that need to be considered to ensure successful implementation. 

o   Provide guidance on how they can support the implementation of coaching and mentoring activities in their organisation.


2.    Developing and Using Consultancy Skills

The purpose of this unit is to:

o   Develop the learners’ understanding of the nature of consultancy and related concepts including different internal and external consultancy roles, and the key stages in the consulting process.

o   Explore the range of skills and techniques required to be effective in a learning and development consulting role.

o   Work with clients/managers in addressing a business need, agreeing a solution through to evaluation and closure.

o   Learn to negotiate the deliverables in a consultancy contract.

o   Providing customised learning and development solutions to meet the needs of clients, internal and/or external.