People Handling Course

The course provides participants with the knowledge, skills and techniques to carry out people moving and handling activities in a safe manner both for themselves and the person. 

The course also trains participants in how to correctly use relevant people handling equipment. 

Course Duration & Fee

  • Duration: One Day
  • Time: 9 am - 4.30 pm
  • FEE: 100 per person

    Learning Objectives

    Participants will:

    • Know how the musculoskeletal system can get injured
    • be able to identify risk factors associated with people handling
    • understand correct people lifting techniques 
    • be able to lift and move people in a safe manner

      Course Content

        • Legislation as it relates to manual handling in the workplace
        • Anatomy of the spine and muscular system
        • Causes of back injuries
        • Ergonomics
        • Risk Assessment of manual handling tasks
        • Principles of manual handling (Inanimate objects)
        • Principles of safe people moving and handling
        • Safe people handling techniques
        • Potential harm through incorrect people lifting techniques
        • People handling equipment
        • Practical demonstrations: Transfer to/from a bed, slide sheets, pushing and pulling a wheelchair, banana board, use of hoist & sling.
        • Practical sessions in people moving and handling