Safety Representative Course

Course Introduction 


Safety Representatives plays a key role in a company.  They carry out workplace safety inspections, investigate health and safety issues including accidents plus they should make a positive and practical contribution to the general safety in the workplace.

 The Safety, Health and Welfare at Work Act 2005 states that employees are entitled to select and appoint one of their colleagues to act as a Safety Representative. It is essential therefore that the Safety Representative has the knowledge and skills necessary to perform the function confidently and effectively.

This three day Safety Representative Course is designed to outline the role and function of the Safety Representative and conforms to the guidelines set out by the Health and Safety Authority.


Course Duration: 

days - Classroom session

Learning Objectives: 

 Participants will:

  • Know how to carry out inspections in the workplace and identify hazards and risks to safety and health 
  • Know how to investigate minor accidents in the workplace
  • Develop the skills to identify preventive measures
  • Know how to report accidents and/or hazardous occurrences and how to maintain records
  •  Develop effective communication skills to discuss health & safety issues with both employees and management
  • Acquire knowledge and understanding of current health and safety legislation

Course Content: 

        Key safety, health and welfare legislation.

        Safety Representation and Safety Consultation - Role and responsibilities

.        Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment.

        Safety statement - structure and format

        Accidents and Incident Reporting and Investigation.

        Measuring safety performance

.        Safety audits

        Sources of Health and Safety Information.

        Course only available on an in-company basis.

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