Fire Warden Training Course

The course trains participants to act in the capacity of a Fire Warden/Fire Marshal in a place of work. It reviews the actions to be taken by a Fire Warden in the event of a fire or emergency situation.

 Learning objectives: 

  • Know how to identify possible fire hazards.
  • Assist in the fire risk assessment process.
  • Understand how fires can occur and how fire and smoke can spread.
  • Identify the correct type of fire equipment for the class of fire.
  • Know what fire safety equipment are required in a business premise: fire alarms, fire detectors, emergency lighting and fire-fighting equipment.
  • Be familiar with fire equipment inspections.
  • Advise on measures to reduce the risk of fire occurring, and on action to take in the event of an emergency.

Course duration:     Half day (9 am 1 pm)

Course fee:                100 per person



        Legislation relating to fire safety

        Management responsibilities

        Fire classifications

        Flammable liquids and gases

        Evacuation process and emergency action plans

        Identification of hazards and controls

        Fire protection installations

        First aid in fire-fighting

        Audit and maintenance procedures

        Evacuation procedure

        Human behaviour in the event of a fire.

Course certification:

A Certificate of Attendance is awarded to participants on the successful completion of the course.

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