Motorised Pallet Truck Course

The motorised palled truck course covers the key operating elements and safety practices for both pedestrian and ride-on motorised pallet trucks in line with the current code of practice.

It concludes with both theoretical and practical assessments and certification.

NOTE: Training only provided on-site in a customer's premises.

Course Duration:

  • 1 day 
           Duration can vary depending on the number and type of trucks and 
           the number of trainees

Number of Trainees/operators:

      RATIO:   1 Instructor, 4 Trainees, 1 Truck

Course requirements:

Throughout the training all trainees must wear Safety Shoes and  a Hi-Vis Vest.

Also required:

  • Truck in sound mechanical condition
  • Area for practical instruction and test
  • 10 empty and 6 laden pallets
  • A room for theoretical instruction and test
  • Access to charging facility

Course Content:

  • Introduction to the course
    • Course structure – Instruction/assessment detail
    • Standards and requirements
  • Theoretical instruction
    • Code of Practice 2002 - Operator's responsibilities
    • Operators' safety code
    • Causes/prevention of accidents
    • Truck capacity/stability
  • Practical Instruction
    • Controls and safety features
    • Daily inspection and preventive maintenance
    • Steering/turning/reversing
    • Manoeuvering in confined areas
    • The hydraulic system
    • Pallet pick and place procedure
    • Stacking/de-stacking
    • Battery care and charging procedure
    • Vehicle loading and unloading procedure
    • Safe parking
  • Supervised trainee practice
    • Trainee practice
    • Corrective instruction
  • Competence testing 
    • Practical
    • Theory
  • Summary
    • Individual feedback/results

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