Manual Handling

The programme is designed for all individuals involved in work that requires the lifting and movement of goods.

It is also relevant for individuals who do static type work (sitting/standing) on the shop floor or in an office environment.

Course Duration

  • Half Day

Programme Objectives

On completion of the course participants will:

  • Understand the structure and functions of the human spine
  • Understand the main causes of back injuries in the workplace
  • Know the main causes of soft tissue injuries and cumulative strain
  • Have learned the correct posture for sitting and standing
  • Have learned the correct skills and techniques for lifting materials/equipment safely
  • Be able to identify and eliminate the causes of strain and injury in their workplace
  • Understand current legislation, and employer/employee responsibilities

Programme Content

  • Manual Handling - introduction and definition
  • Structure and function of the human spine
  • Causes of back injuries
  • Prevention of back injuries
  • Ergonomic aspects of manual handling
  • Lifting skills - theory and practice
  • Reducing manual handling injuries
  • Current legislation, EU directives and statistics
  • Manual handling quiz/assessment
  • Programme summary