Internal Auditor Course

The course aims to increase participants’ knowledge of the basic tools of internal auditing. It enables them plan for, execute and report on audits in a manner that supports management’s role in the control of key processes.

Programme Objectives

  • Set out the context of internal audit within the business system in general terms
  • State the benefits and purposes of assessments
  • Describe the structure of the internal audit process
  • Describe the role of the internal auditor
  • Practice key elements of the internal audit procedure
  • Describe the nature of deficiencies and the corrective action process
  • Understand assessment reporting and follow-up activities

Session 1

  • Introduction – course structure and format
  • Definitions
  • History of quality assurance standards
  • ISO 9000 series – an overview
  • System auditing

Session 2

  • The quality system audit – theory and audit
    • Types of audits
    • Practice of auditing
    • The objective
    • The pre-requisites
    • Collecting the evidence
    • Corrective and preventative action and follow-up
  • Observation and communication exercises
  • Case study – team audits
  • Carrying out an internal audit
    • Opening meeting
    • The audit
    • Closing meeting

Session 3

  • Supervised audits – practical exercise
  • Audit review

Session 4

  • Individual audits – preparation
  • Individual audits – practical exercise
  • Audit review

Course Presenter

Dr. John Fitzgerald BSc PhD

John has worked with the Western Management Centre for the last five years. He specialises in the area of Quality Management, Internal Auditing, Total Quality Management, Materials Management and General Management.

He has fifteen years experience in manufacturing industry and ten years as a trainer/consultant to service and manufacturing companies throughout Ireland and the UK.

He holds a PhD in Organic Chemistry, is a listed Quality and Manufacturing Consultant with the UK Department of Trade and Industry and is a member of the British Quality Foundation.