Fork Truck Operators

This course is designed as an RTITB (Road Transport and Industrial Training Board) approved Certification Course for experienced operators. The course covers the key operating elements and safety practices for basic operation in line with the new Code of Practice 2002. It concludes with an approved Practical Test and Certification.

Course Duration

  • 2 Days
  • 9:30 - 5:00

Course Location

This course is carried out on the customer site. The following are prerequisites of the course site:

  • Truck in sound mechanical condition (service record required)
  • Area for practical instruction/test (20 x 20 metres)
  • 25 empty and 6 laden pallets
  • A room for theoretical instruction and test

Delegate Prerequisites

Minimum of six months driving experience.

Course Content

  • Introduction to the course
    • Course structure – Instruction/assessment detail
    • RTITB standards and requirements
  • Theoretical instruction
    • Code of Practice 2002 - Operator responsibilities
    • Operators' safety code
    • Causes/prevention of accidents
    • Fork truck capacity/stability
    • Accident case studies – human and business fallout
  • Practical Instruction
    • Controls and safety features
    • Daily inspection and preventive maintenance
    • Steering/turning/reversing
    • Manoeuvering in confined areas
    • The hydraulic system
    • Pallet pick and place procedure
    • Stacking/destacking - racking – all levels
    • Battery care and charging procedure
    • Vehicle loading and unloading procedure
    • Safe parking
  • Supervised trainee practice
    • Trainee practice/familiarisation
    • Corrective instruction
  • Competence testing (RTITB standard)
    • Practical
    • Theory
  • Summary
    • Individual feedback/results