QQI Level-6 Project Management


The course is designed to equip the learner with knowledge, skills and competence in the theory, principles and best practices of project management. The learner will be provided with the fundamental skills required to adopt a structured approach to project management which can be applied to almost any project management situation across industry and business.


Learning Objectives:

To facilitate and enable Learners to: 

  • Be familiar with current project management theories and practices
  • Understand the key tools, techniques and methodologies required to manage a project
  • Define the vision, objectives and scope of the project to all the stakeholders
  • Be familiar with and understand the resources required to manage a project and bring it to a successful conclusion
  • Recognise the importance of teamwork in project management
  • Understand and identify the different stages in the project life cycle
  • Be familiar with and understand how to monitor and manage a project effectively using appropriate controls and evaluation techniques
  • Know how to identify and manage potential risks in relation to the project and implement corrective action and contingency planning
  • Plan and manage the financial resources required for the project
  • Know how to bring a project to a successful close and evaluate its success against agreed deliverables and goals.


Course Content

  • Project Management:
    • What constitutes a project?
    • What constitutes project management?
    • The range of factors which have an impact on the management of a project.
    • The totality of requirements for project management.
    • How an effective project would be established, launched and monitored.
    • Reporting relationships in terms of project sponsors and their information needs driving the life cycle of the project.
  • Project Management Fundamentals:
    • The criteria which affect the selection of a suitable project strategy.
    • The success criteria for a specific project.
    • Carry out a return on investment study on project to gain approval.
    • Define and set up a suitable project management organisation structure for a specific project.
    • Select and adapt a methodology.
  • Change and Configuration Management:
    • The issues within a project that are likely to result in the need for change.
    • Integrate issue resolution and change action into the plans for an operational project.
    • How configuration should be properly managed within a project.
  • Project Management Processes:
    • Initiating Projects
    • Planning for Projects
    • Project Implementation
    • Project Monitoring and Control
    • Project Close-Out
  • Aspects of Project Management:
    • Integration Management
    • Scope Management
    • Time Management 
    • Quality Management
    • Human Resource Management 
    • Communications Management 
    • Risk Management
    • Procurement Management



The programme is open to all learners however it is beneficial to be in a working environment plus have some experience of team work. It is desirable also that the learner has good communication, decision making and organisational skills.

The programme is particularly relevant for learners who are new to project management or have worked in project teams but now want to enhance their knowledge and skills and take a more active role in managing projects.