Emerging Leadership Programme- Online


To equip emerging leaders with the means to understand the opportunities & challenges of leading & managing SMEs so that they can lead their business in a visionary & powerful way to guarantee future growth, sustainability & success


Future business success depends on building leadership competence.  We are offering a fast-paced six-day program for new leaders with a focus on increasing their understanding of the opportunities and challenges of leading and managing SMEs to enable them to grow their businesses in a visionary way, specifically in terms of leading and influencing people, organizing work portfolios and identifying pathways for growth and business success.


Targeted at new or emerging leaders who are either new to a leadership role or regarded as having high potential for future progression in a SME.


The program is highly interactive using participants’ own experience and plans for the future, facilitated by an experienced trainer, adopting a very practical approach, including a planning framework.  They will participate in the design and preparation of a group project to explore key concepts and ideas which they can adapt and introduce into their own practice in the future


A key takeaway from this program will be the planning frameworks that can be adapted by participants to their own specific needs subsequent to program delivery.


By participating in this program, new leaders will:

  • Develop their understanding of the concepts of leadership and management & how these relate to their own situation
  • Be able to identify the main opportunities & challenges which they are likely to encounter in their respective businesses
  • Build their understanding of how they can manage human resources effectively so that they, as leaders, can focus on the strategic development of their business
  • Reflect on their own particular strengths & challenges as leaders and build on these to prepare for new ways of doing things
  • Consider ways to expand their networks to embrace new perspectives, solutions & opportunities