QQI Safety & Health at Work (5N1794)


The programme is aimed at those in organisations with responsibilities for training staff in Safety and Health. It is for organisations with a need for safety inspectors, fire wardens, or similar. 


This programme is designed for learners who, by their own choice or under the guidance of an employer, have identified a need for knowledge on Safety and Health at Work in their respective businesses in Ireland. This coursecovers; legislation, the role of the Health and Safety Authority (HSA), communication and training of health and safety, safety statements, housekeeping, emergency procedures, fire safety, diet, exercise, lifestyle, stress, and many more appropriate topics. The assessment will consist of one examination and two assignments.  

Assessment: The assessment will consist of one examination and two assignments. 


Learning Outcomes: By the end of this course, learners will be equippedwith the knowledge, skill and competence to promote and maintain safety and health in a work environment.  They will be able to perform their current responsibilities more effectively, to manage new responsibilities and to ensure that a higher standard of health and safety in their workplace exists, leading to a reduction in accidents and injuries. 




Safety and Health at Work course is delivered and assessed in English. Competence in written and spoken English is essential. If you are unsure about your level of language proficiency, we can provide an English language assessment for your convenience.