QQI Level-6 Training Needs Identification & Design


The course is designed for the individuals who are involved in training and development activities within their organisations or independently, or are planning to become involved in same. The programme provides a solid introduction to main concepts and theories of training design as well as opportunities to learn about training design methods and tools.


This Level 6 qualification introduces new or potential trainers to many of the most important concepts which will help them to identify training needs and design appropriate training courses or programmes. Learners will be encouraged to consider their own experience in context of the course delivery and objectives so that they can build on this to be enabled to perform as trainers and facilitators in the future.

Programme Objectives:

  1. To assist learners in acquiring a comprehensive understanding and knowledge of training design theory and concepts
  2. To facilitate learners in applying concepts and ideas from training design theory to the design and development of training events, programmes and courses
  3. To lay the basis for good practice in training design as a foundation for training plan development and delivery


Learning Outcomes:

On completion of this programme, learners will be able to:

  1. Understand the purpose of training and development interventions in different organisational settings
  2. Understand the differences between the concepts of learning, development, education and training
  3. Appreciate how factors, such as performance management, processes, can help to identify training and development needs
  4. Have the skills and tools to identify barriers and challenges to training and development
  5. Understand the benefits of undertaking a systematic training needs analysis at organisational and individual level
  6. Have the knowledge and understanding of a range of instructional design models as well as approaches and techniques to conduct a training needs analysis
  7. Have an understanding and ability to conduct a training needs analysis to identify training needs (at organisation/individual level) and resultant gaps in terms of employees’ knowledge, skills and attitudes
  8. Plan a training intervention, developing appropriate methods, tools and aids and adopting an appropriate approach to engaging participants as well as preparing a lesson plan, followed by evaluation