Excel Beginner

To give the novice Excel user an introduction to Excel and enable him/her get familiar with formulas/basic functions/data entry and how to navigate around the programme.



Identify the Excel icon and access the programme.

Customise the Quick Access Toolbar

Get familiar with the Ribbon – locate previous commands (if upgrading from Excel 2003)

Understand rows, columns, cell and range

Know how to save files in the different formats and how to “pin” a frequently used file

Sum, Max, Min, Average, Count, CountA functions

Know how to enter formulas, and text and how to copy formulas.

Format numbers and text

Create simple formulas : add, subtract, divide, multiply

Know how to insert rows and columns.

Printing: Use scaling, headers and footers Create a simple chart

Absolute and relative formulas (fixing cells)

Using a list in Excel – sorting and filtering

Create simple formulas

Worksheets: renaming, moving, copying, changing tab colour

Time permitting: Simple If statements and/or Conditional formatting being a source of tension and a reduction in overall team performance.


1 day