Frontline Managers Programme


This programme is designed to support a combination of team leaders, supervisors and managers. It is of benefit to managers looking to enhance their skills further and looking for practical application of best management practices and how to successfully apply them consistently.



Participate in an engaging programme that focuses on the key skills for effective management. Each workshop incorporates practical approaches based on best practices. Participants will work through case studies and simulation exercises to understand how their approaches and responses impact on outcomes. Through this experience, participants will determine the best approaches for managing people and options for addressing issues as they arise.


6 days


During the 6 days of this programme, participants will explore the areas of:

  • Understanding management: roles and responsibilities in addition to required behaviours
  • Leading teams: being a leader, understanding the stages of team development, identifying dysfunctional behaviours and how to address them
  • Understanding and managing self: successful managers have high levels of self-awareness so they can adjust their behaviours as required and manage stressful situations confidently
  • Time management and delegation: prioritising workloads, eliminating the urgency addiction, delegating effectively
  • Communication: managing daily communication, providing constructive feedback, having a difficult conversation
  • Managing change: understand responses to change, determining approaches to engaging employees in a change initiative


This programme is accredited by QQI Ireland (formerly FETAC) Component Certificate Level 6 “Managing People." This certificate is optional and comes with an additional cost of €150.