Emerging Managers Programme

This programme is designed to support a combination of team leaders, supervisors and managers. It is of benefit to managers looking to enhance their skills further and looking for practical application of best management practices and how to successfully apply them consistently.



Everybody who arrives in a management role for the first time, asks themselves what do I do now? The hard work and technical skills that got them the management responsibility are not the skillset necessary to be successful as a manager. The new manager needs to quickly identify what she needs to focus on and how to make the necessary personal changes in a seamless manner..

As a result of this programme participants will have:

  • Improved self-awareness to help them determine how best to manage their team
  • Committed to proven management practices demonstrating their ability to assume greater responsibility
  • Learned how to ensure that the team deliver on Objectives
  • Determined the attitudes, behaviours and disciplines required of great team players
  • Committed to personal behaviours to improve the team’s cohesion performance and collective spirit
  • Developed new work practices to improve overall effectiveness with respect to management of self and of the team

Who is it for?

This programme is designed for those who have:

  • Assumed a management role
  • Are very experienced in their current role and have been identified as suitable to take on team lead or management responsibilities in the organisation
  • Have supervisory responsibility for fellow colleagues in an informal way


4 days

Day 1: Wednesday 16th October - Managing Self

Day 2: Thursday 7th November - Effective Team Player

Day 3: Thursday 21st November - Communicating with Impact

Day 4: Wednesday 4th December - Managing Time and Effective Delegation


During this 4-day programme participant will explore the areas of:

  • Managing themselves and their responses to individuals and contentious or challenging situations
  • Team leadership: How to fulfil the role
  • Communication: Ensuring it’s effective and constructive
  • Organisational and time management skills: Developing good practices, delegating effectively


This programme is accredited by QQI Ireland (formerly FETAC). On completion participants will be awarded Component Certificate Level 5 “Effective Team Player."


Training Company Name and Website: LEAP http://www.leapleadership.ie/