Bullying & harassment in the workplace



Workplace bullying is defined as inappropriate behaviour, direct or indirect, whether verbal, physical or otherwise, conducted by one or more persons against another.

All employers have an obligation under current employment legislation to prevent harassment and bullying in the workplace.


Course duration:


½ day or 1 day


Learning objectives:

Enhance awareness of the nature of bullying and harassment

Understand the effects of bullying at both individual and organisational level.

Familiarisation with current legislation

Know how to deal with complaints of bullying

Enhance awareness of the necessity for and the desirable features of an anti-bullying policy


Course content:

Definition of bullying & harassment

Behaviour that constitutes both harassment & bullying

The impact and effect of bullying in the workplace

Current employment legislation as it relates to bullying

Recent court rulings on bullying in the workplace

Implications for employers

Design and implementation of an effective harassment & bullying policy

Handling complaints about bullying

Recording of complaints

Investigating complaints

Handling complaints

Grievance and disciplinary procedures in bullying cases