Business Writing Skills Course


Target Audience:

This course is aimed at anyone who has to produce business correspondence or reports on a regular basis.

Course Aim:

In business we are often judged by the quality of what we write, so whether we produce letters, reports, emails or presentations it is important that we do it well.  Very often business correspondence can ‘ramble on’ or be so short that it sounds abrupt.


During the course, we examine the structure, language and tone that should be applied to memos, letters, reports and e-mails in order to get the message across, in a clear, concise and professional manner.

Course Duration:

1 day – Classroom session

Learning Objectives:

At the end of the programme participants will:

Appreciate the importance of planning all written documents

Put a cohesive structure on correspondence and reports

Choose the most appropriate language for the target audience

Tailor the style and tone of the correspondence

Assess and improve their proficiency in grammar and punctuation

Course Content:

Examining the 6 W’s of communication

Planning and structuring correspondence

Examining language, style and tone

The forgotten essentials!  Grammar, punctuation and spelling

Editing the correspondence

Practical application and writing

Training approach:


The initial part of the session begins with theory and is heavily reinforced with practical examples.  Participants then work in groups and are given different scenarios and asked to respond with an appropriate method of communications.

NOTE: In order to tailor the content of the course, the Trainer would like to see some samples of non-confidential reports and correspondence produced by staff members and the participants prior to the start of the course. All documents will be viewed in private and returned at the end of the course.