Credit management /debt collecting by telephone course


Healthy cash-flow is the life blood of every organisation.  This course is designed to equip participants with the techniques and skills to effectively manage and control cash and debt collection while at the same time maintaining positive customer relations.


Effective telephone skills combined with good communication and persuasiveness skills are essential tools when dealing with credit management and debt collection issues.

Learning objectives:


On completion of the course participants will:

Manage credit and debt collection more effectively

Understand the importance of planning in the credit

management and debt collecting process.

Have a structure to follow when making calls

Maintain professionalism at all stages throughout a call

Be able to identify different customer types.

Be able to handle difficult customer situations

Handle customer excuses

Know how to identify problem accounts

Follow-up procedures



1 day

Course content:

Planning the calls

Checking debtors’ details

Examination of terms

Customer types

Making the call

Communicating effectively

Introducing yourself and the reason for calling

Questioning to control the call

Handling excuses

Committing the debtor to pay the account

Creating urgency

Building on replies to suggest solutions

Reaching agreement

Follow-up action

Emails and letters

Keeping records

Evaluating the calls