Interpersonal communication skills course


Programme introduction:


Good communication is an essential process in any organisation and a vital ingredient for success.  It plays a role in virtually every aspect of a company’s functioning and is a key determinant of organisational effectiveness.


The programme looks at simple concepts, which can be easily applied to both work and personal life with significant positive results.


Programme duration:

1 Day


Programme objectives:


By the end of the programme participants will

Have enhanced their interpersonal communication skills

Have a significantly increased understanding of human behaviour.

Recognise the pitfalls of poor communication and how to avoid them.

Develop skills in relating to influencing other and improving human relations.

Have enhanced their ability to give and receive information.


Number of participants:

8 – 14 maximum

Programme content

The importance of effective communication in building good relations     in the workplace.

The Golden Rule – The six W’s of communication

The interpersonal communications process

One-way vs. two-way communication – watching personal signals, body language and feedback

Presenting yourself to colleagues / clients

Explaining, persuading and negotiating

Examining the barriers to communication and how to overcome them