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Public Information and Communication

10.1 Public Information and Communication Policy

10.1.1 Purpose

Western Management Centre (WMC) is committed to ensuring that the Centre clearly communicates information to all its stakeholders. WMC works to apply the principles of attention, timeliness, and the use of appropriate language to all its communications. This ensures that all information is transparent, clearly understandable, and communicated in a consistent manner to its audience/stakeholders.

10.1.2 Policy Statement

This policy outlines information made available publicly by WMC. This policy document also outlines the procedures in place that guide WMC in approving the types and formats of information that is made public. This policy is applicable to all communications directed towards present/future learners, the general public, and all other relevant stakeholders.

10.1.3 Responsibility of

This policy is the responsibility of the marketing function.

10.1.4 Processes and Procedures

WMC understands the purpose of communication is to function in a way that is of maximum benefit to stakeholders whilst, at the same time, allowing the Centre to function as effectively and efficiently as possible. WMC and its staff operate within a transparent work culture and environment, thereby gaining the respect of colleagues and customers. To meet these objectives, WMC applies practices where public communications are transparent, clear, and accessible to all.

Public information refers to all information assets that WMC communicates and publishes relevant to its activities. This includes information relating to WMC’s education and training programmes, provider information, WMC quality assurance policies and procedures, findings from quality assurance evaluations, and any other relevant content.

WMC is fully committed to providing current and future learners with clear and accurate information relating to the QQI accredited programmes delivered as part of the Centre’s offerings. Transparency of communication with stakeholders is achieved through the use of the WMC website (available at: https://wmcgalway.com/).

Using the website, WMC publishes programme information and quality assurance documentation. Stakeholders can also access information by contacting WMC directly by telephone, using email or social media, or by speaking directly with the Programme Manager.

The WMC website provides information that has been designed to provide guidance to all stakeholders. Information relating to accurate programme and (public) award information includes details of the:

  • Programmes offered to learners at WMC
  • Whether or not a programme leads to an award
  • Relevant awarding body for programmes of learning (where applicable)
  • Award title for each available programme of learning (where applicable)
  • Award type, credits attached and NFQ level (where applicable)
  • Procedures for access, transfer, and progression (where applicable)
  • Assessment Information
  • Programme schedule
  • Refund policies
  • Terms and Conditions

Quality assurance (QA) documents are publicly accessible and are located on the WMC website (https://wmcgalway.com/ ). To facilitate the Centre’s self-evaluation process and ensure quality of service, quality assurance policies will be reviewed and updated on the WMC website (https://wmcgalway.com/) as appropriate (for more information, see Section 12.1, Internal Review, Monitoring, and Self-Evaluation Policy) . Quality assurance documents are stored and made available through the Registrar. Editing access and permissions for QA documents is limited to relevant personnel.

The WMC website also provides current and relevant information relating specifically to the WMC organisation. This information includes:

  • QA Handbook
  • WMC contact and location details
  • Details relating to course type and delivery
  • Company profile
  • Client testimonials
  • Details relating to facilities
  • Terms and Conditions

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